Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cards for Kids?

Little kids or your own kid....even if they aren't so little anymore, lol!!

My daughter started at CSUN yesterday...I'm so excited for her. She has been wanting to go to this University for so long and her dreams are finally coming true. (She is a Deaf Studies Major) We are so proud of her! It's been a long battle, from the University not accepting any new enrollment, to finding funding, ect.. Patience and Perseverance won and she's started yesterday as a Junior with an AA from the Jr. College where she started.

So here is a little card I made for her to send her off, (it's been kind of fun having her back at home, but don't tell anyone, lol)

I was totally inspired by the card Jennifer McGuire did on Monday for the Hero Art's Blog.

And here is my girl...I made her take a picture for her first day, just like I used to when they were little.

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  1. How exciting for your beautiful daughter, Karen! I wish her well! Love the fun card you made for her. . .bet she did too! :)

  2. your card is adorable....great take on Jennifers. And your daughter is beautiful....I hope she does well at college....I wish her the best..

  3. Karen, she looks just like you! Very pretty girl, just like her Mom. I'm glad to hear her dreams have come true. Terrific card. Got your email, ty.

  4. Your card is so cute and your daughter is beautiful. I love that you made her take a "1st day of school" pic. :)

  5. Karen your daughter looks so much like you. Enjoying your blog!!

  6. Yes, I would saw she looks like you as well, but with different hair colour. Just an attractive young lady. So love your take on Jen's card. I love the banner flapping in the wind and coming out from the car. Great design and Im sure she will love it.


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