Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Wow what a week! I spent last Sunday at my cousin Cindy's celebrating Passover. Just 40 of It was just like Hanukkah. It has been 20 years since I've been at a Passover dinner. It's fun and interesting. Many traditions surrounding the food and the meaning behind the Seder plate. Here are just a few photos.

The big boy's aren't always the best examples for the little

Today we celebrated Easter with an Easter Egg hunt and dinner at my sister's. Only about 20 of us today....haha. It was so much fun being here to share these cute little bunny bags with these cute little kids. Watching them hunt for their eggs and just enjoying being together.

What a bunch of Ham's!

And Baby Emma is due to arrive next week!!!!  So excited to be here for her birth!

I'm grateful for all that God has blessed me with, all the while missing everything I had to leave behind. Hope you are all well! My goal this week is to get started on Emma's calendar before she arrives. I'll post pics as it comes together. I'm thinking some glitter and die cuts. Hope I can get some creative mojo going!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scrap Room is Ready...

I'm so excited! My Scrap Room is ready to move in to. I spent 3 days last week cleaning and painting the room and Jim worked hard last night and today to get my furniture moved in. Whoo Hoo!!!! I hope next week I will be able to start un-packing boxes and get back to crafting.

The house is coming together but I have a lot more to do. I will begin painting the living room and hall next week. That will be a big job but one I'm ready to take on. The sooner it gets done the sooner I can finish putting everything together.

I have to say I'm so blessed and lucky to have such a talented husband. He can build just about anything! I love to help him and we work together so well. And to top it all off he makes me laugh! This morning I was crying cause I was laughing so hard. Most people don't get to see that side of him but he really is funny. We have really enjoyed hanging out together again. Today, besides working on the house we went to lunch at Chipotle, my new favorite place and spent an hour at Lowe's. I think part of  the fun of moving is imagining all the things we would like to do with our new house.

So a few have asked for pic's so here are just a few. Nothing too much to see yet but I will post as we go along.

Jim had this desk unit built for me in 2004. I wish you could see how big it is. When I first got it I thought it was ridiculously big. But I filled it and more so fast.  
The shelves on either side are 18" deep. Perfect for my 12x12 albums. There is a 12x12 paper drawer and also one for 8 1/2 x 11. Next to the drawers are cabinets with shelves. Above are also 2 cabinets with shelves as well. The doors look out to the pool.

Today was 93 & sunny so Jim took a dip in the pool. It was about 6 o'clock so the pool was pretty shaded. Still a little cold for me.

Well thanks for stopping by. I'm missing you all so much!!!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Hello Friends!

Wow what a week it's been. My Mother-in-law and I left Reno about 8:30am Sunday morning and arrived here in California about 5:30pm. I really enjoyed having her along for the ride and we made it safe and sound. My husband Jim met us at the house and we unloaded the few things I had in my car. Next we headed over to my sisters for dinner. Visited a bit with her and my Nephew, his Wife and their two adorable boys. By the time we made it to our hotel it was about 8:45 and I was so ready for bed!

Monday the movers showed up at 8am and the un-loading began. The were finished about 2:30 and my Mother-in-Law and I began the task of un-packing. The beds were first and then a good start on the kitchen. She left Wednesday morning and the rest of the week I've been working on getting settled. I still have a ways to go.

I can't wait to get started on my Scrap Room but I want to paint before I start setting it up so.... it will be at least another week. Here are the two views I currently have....hummm hard to choose, lol.

Well I miss you all and hope to be crafting again soon. I hope you all have a crafty weekend. I will check in again next week.