Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter...a little late but

what the heck. Better late than never right!  I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends. We celebrated Passover on Saturday and Easter on Sunday...I love it when the 2 holidays are at the same time.

I thought I would share a few fun photos of some crafty things I did, the 2 cutest great nephews & neice a girl could ask for and ....wait for it.....

First of all here are the little Easter bags I did for my nephews...

here are my nephews with their Dad...
And my niece....who unfortunatly wasn't feeling well that day but she did try to give a little smile.

I created 100 "Happy Easter" labels on my silhouette for the leader of the children's ministry and she gave all her volunteers these wonderful jars of flowers. I have enjoyed mine all week at work.

and now a little video of the fun group I work with! So glad I found this creative bunch....this is a video they created to honor their volunteers during their Ovations Awards night. Thought this would be a fun way to share a little of my new environment. (One of these guys is my boss!!!!) LOL...the one in the pink!

Hope this made you smile!!!


  1. Love your photo share, Karen! Your little niece and nephews are DARLING!! The treat bags are super cute! AND...oh my, that video is something else, I tell ya! It's hilarious! All I can say is if I live near by..."sign ME up" for the volunteering! I always love this song from Queens, but this is such a lovely and healthy rendition!! So glad that your work environment is fun and your pink boss is quite a guy in this performance (I can go on and on...). Thanks for stopping by my blog! Miss seeing your work in Flickr! Don't work too hard now! xo

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  3. Oops! Let me try this again.
    Hi Karen. Just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and missing you. I emailed you a while back but never heard from you and that is okay because I know you are super busy at your job. Just wanted to let you know that you are not far from my thoughts. Sorry for not staying in touch but life is hectic it seems and there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I love seeing your treat bags that you made, so fun and cute. I really love this video and it made me laugh big time! I can't imagine how much fun you must have working with this group. If we lived close to this church I think that we would attend here and we would really volunteer after this amazing plee for help! Lol. Rofl. Your boss is hilarious!! Lol. You must have so much fun at this new job. Were you in this video, I was trying to figure out which lady might be you, but wasn't sure. I just wanted to tell you that I linked up your blog and shared one of your cards on my blog today. I wanted to let you know about that! I finally finished my card from your challenge at HA group and I am now sharing it! Yay, it was one of those days where the mojo just wasn't flowing. But according to Marcy at our group everyone has days like that! More times than not lately for me I am afraid. Trying to change that for the better. Lol. Looks like you have had an amazing streak of mojo. Can you pleasse send me some! Lol. Take care sweetie and know that you can be in touch when ever you get the chance. Looking to create more things with the stash that you sent me, hope you get to use your things sometime too. Big Hugs


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