Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm Back...

What an incredible trip!!! 10 days of diving in the Philippines. I'm still a bit jet lagged but it was worth it. I thought I would share some of our photos here over the next couple of days, there are sooooo many :-)

This photo gives a pretty good idea of the colors we saw. Some photos the colors aren't as crisp because of the depth that we were at or if it's a close up.

This was my favorite star fish. It reminded me of a Christmas cookie, with frosting on it! They are very large, in fact this one is being held in our Dive Master's hand which you can't even see!

These star fish were also very big. You can see my hand to the left of the frame. I did this to give an idea of the size. The color of blue doesn't even compare to the picture. I thought of bright play dough blue when I saw it. These star fish are everywhere.
This little guy here is called a "Nudibranch" pronounced "nud a brank". I had never seen these anywhere else we have dove and they come in many colors. I don't think they get much bigger, my husband says typically 3 inches is about the max. These were all about an inch. (It's the blue thing at the bottom with the yellow dots)
 This one is longer in white with blue stripes and a bit of yellow on it's head. (In the top of the frame is a fish, I should have cropped it out)

This was the most colorful Nudibranch I saw. It is black and white with red/orange antennae looking things. The blue part is a type of soft coral. It looks like he has his head in the coral, but I'm not really sure where it's head is at.
This is another soft coral without a Nudibranch.

This is a sea snail, still in the Nudibranch family. It totally amazes me the fluorescent colors on some of the sea life we saw. And that it actually came out in this picture is even more amazing.

There were 13 in our group, here are a few of us getting ready to head for the boats. The 2 small guys with the darker skin are our Dive Master's. Super great guys!!!
This is my husband and I at a sight called Cathedral. According to our dive master they actually have wedding ceremony's there!!! The day we were there the current was pretty strong so I had to hold onto the cross to get the picture.

I've always said scuba isn't the most attractive sport, LOL!!!

Thanks for stopping by, tomorrow I will share some photos of the Octopus and more of God's amazing creatures.

I hope I will get back in my craft room this week as well. It's been taking me a while to just get caught up on house stuff and of course the job hunt was first on my list when I arrived home.



  1. Wow, what a wonderful post, Karen! I CAN"T WAIT to see more! Sounds like an amazing trip. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, and welcome home - I've missed you!

  2. Omgosh! These photos are amazing! Incredible! It looks like you had a wonderful trip. Cant wait to see more!

  3. Fantastic photos Karen. Thanks for sharing them with us and looking forward to more pics. I think the Christmas cookie star fish is my favorite critter. It's so fat and fluffy.

  4. I'm still so amazed that you scuba dive! It's amazing to see your photos so I can't even imagine how cool it must be with just a mask. thanks for sharing your adventure! So cool!


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