Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My First Post

Well here it is....my first post. I book marked this blog name a while ago. I knew one day I would break down and do this whole blog thing. I did resist quite a bit in the beginning but I have been blogging since last July over on my store blog...  http://scrapbookparadisereno.blogspot.com/ . I can't say I've been great at it but at least I have a little experience.

I decided, with a little prompting from friends to get this one started for one main reason. We are selling the store!!! Yes after 6 wonderful years we are turning the reins over to ***** ********. We could not be more pleased with who will be taking over! I wish I could tell you officially but you will have to wait just a couple more weeks. We are in escrow and things are moving along very well. I promise the minute I can announce the new owner I will! 

As for me and my family we are all spread out. I'm still here in Reno, however our house sold and I had to be out the end of February. I am so blessed that I have wonderful friends with wonderful guest rooms!! So untill things are settled with the business, were lookin at the end of March, I will be here.

Jim has been working at his new job in L.A. since September, (Ugh! I really miss him, count it 6 months apart). He really enjoys it there and all the new challenges but he too misses home. We are both just so grateful he was given this opportunity.

Sarah and Roni are both also in L.A. Roni is staying with my sister and working in a great salon and Sarah is staying with her sister, Tashia and is working at Olive Garden and going to school. Again we are so grateful for family!! That is really the upside of all of this. And DJ is going to school in Chico.

It's been 19 years since I left L.A. and I really thought I would never go back...in fact that is what I said over and over. Well you know what they say...."Never say Never".  But being close to my sister and her family as well as Sarah's sister is really what is making this all worth while.

I hope to be posting more of my scrapbooking and card making stuff once I get settled again. I taught my last class last week and we were joking that I could start a class on "scrapping for the dis-placed" or "Tailgate Scrapbooking" hahaha.  I said you could use your cigarette lighter to heat emboss or you could lay a piece of cardstock behind your tire and roll over it for a textured background. You know us crafter's...were resourceful!
Well thanks for letting me ramble, (as if you had a choice, LOL). and like I said I will try to post more crafty things soon.

Here's just one little thing since you made it all the way to the end of my ranting! You all really do make my life sparkel!
Have a great day!

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